Ecole du Ski Français

Bessans 1750m

Tests : “Snow Stars”

E. S. F. is the only accredited school in tests.

Every Friday, all children enrolled in the lesson pass the corresponding test level. You are not logged in progress? Come assess your level by signing up for theE. S. F.

Determine your level:
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Piou-PiouNever skied
oursonBegins to slide alone
Preparation floconHave ourson
Preparation first starTake the skilift, makes snowplow
Preparation second starSlips out of turns
Preparation third starMake parallel turns
Bronze starPerforms all parallel turns
Vermeil starControlling edge grip
Gold starFirst notions slalom and ski at high speed
CompetitionIs a champion ready to break all records ...
Class 0Never skied
Class I-You Skid after each turn and perform the snowplow.
-Slopes Used: green - blue.
Class II-You are making parallel turns.
-Slopes Used: blue - red.
Class III-You are keeping your skis parallel and take all slopes.
-Slopes Used: red - black.
Expert ClassYou are a very good skier, you can resist no slope
Alpin skiing stars and snowboard:
  • Ourson
Nordic skiing stars:
  • ESF BESSANS Ourson fond